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Originally Posted by Kaptain Karl
ohplease - Okay. I understand your point, but I'm not going to help construct that matrix. It's TOO much work.

And it's too much *like* my work now. (BTW, I really wish you hadn't used the MBTI as the "for instance." IMO, it is the best marketed ... but least valid of ALL the available personality profiles.) Geez! That hurt.

- KK
KK, I'm not commenting on the validity of MBTI - it's simply the most accessible "for instance" to demonstrate my point.

Now, as far as validity of the matrix approach I proposed, so far your only knocks are 1) it's too much work and 2) it's too similar to your day job. I'd counter with the fact that it handles multiple category membership/delineation far, far better than any hierarchical or flat categorization ever could.

In fact, I don't even think it'd be that much work. You could probably get a workable matrix just on a few criteria. And I'd bet money most of those criteria would have more to do with mentality than technical issues.

As an aside - if a meaningful matrix would really be too much work - I guess the old saw about the game being ruined by a bunch of carbon copy baseliners isn't quite so accurate, now is it? There's plenty of texture even in an all academy matchup, you just have to know where to look.
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