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And howdy to you too, Coachrick!

Guess there's not a whole lotta love for the Power Pro, eh?
I used these in highschool, and i'm certain the price point was a big factor in my decision to purchase. (don't recall any grommet issues). I do remember cracking a few though (mostly due to a bad teenage temper).
Apparently, i played with them long enough to groove some strokes or something, because they are really comfortable to me now. I seem to recall a nice review in Tennis magazine too, but that could be my imagination.

I can't say I've ever thought about rackets being "recreational" or not. I played with a lot of lower priced Pro Kennex rackets too. In fact the most expensive rackets i've ever played are the Wilson 6.1 classics, and that's only because they were free when i played in college. To each his own.
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