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So I played with RIP Control 16 in the mains and Mantis Comfort 16 in the crosses. Temps were about 50 when I hit the courts. My hope was that this hybrid would combine the best parts of each string. Unfortunately that was mostly not the case.

Let me backup a little before I get into my review. I played a big server/hitter today and dominated the first set 6-1. This was the same guy who was complaining about all the spin I got out of the RIP full job a few weeks back. This time he was complaining that I only made 2 unforced errors the entire set. The next set he got up 5-2 playing some terrific power tennis but I was able to run out the next 5 games.

So the control of this setup is top notch. Like a full Mantis job, when I hit long, the ball missed usually by no more than 2 feet behind the baseline. It definitely did not have the spin of the full RIP job nor the touch of the full Mantis job. I'd say spin was on par with the Intellitour which is a similar hybrid using the softer string in the crosses. Touch was not as good as the Intellitour but control was a little better. I hit one drop shot where a bystander asked me "Was that supposed to be a drop shot?". That's bad!

I've got the other half set of RIP that I may try as the KCraig setup. My annual club tournament is a month away, so I may defer that setup untl after then. Once I break the full RIP, Intellitour and my RIP/Mantis hybrid, I'm going to use an all Mantis setup for my tournament. It will probably be best for my elbow to use the most comfortable string in the cold weather season anyways. I may keep one racket with RIP Control in it just in case I go up against guys that like to tee off on my 2nd serve. Cost is around $9 for this hybrid.

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