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The handles are cool, I actually find the turn table on my 5800 ELS TOO smooth. I was working regularly on ESII+ machines, and the turntables were just right, I could weave without the turn table rotating on me like crazy. It's actually kind of aggravating that it's so smooth.

I also love the new Gamma turn table lock, it is an EXTREMELY nice solution to turn table locking. I'm guessing the materials don't make it cost prohibitive to manufacture, either. Kudos to Gamma on that one, definite design win, IMO.

I'd like to point out that the "spring assisted" clamps are only spring assisted on the return (after unclamping), there is no spring assist on the holding of the clamp. This is one of those common misconceptions I see on the boards.

This isn't to say that the clamps are bad, by any means. The bases hold nice and snug under regular usage, and are much better than some others I've used (which I won't name here). I've seen a few tightening issues with the clamps under heavy, heavy usage, but I suspect that was due to operator abuse (aka being a little too vigorous with the clamps).
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