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Originally Posted by Tennisplayer01 View Post
Is it the blue part that youre talkign about or the clamp its self
Generally I would contact Mark as he is always here to help around. Which clamp do you have?
Just send Mark an e-mail, he is extremely good about responding, I've gotten <1/2 hour responses, and I'm not even a customer. That's one of the perks of ordering an Alpha in the first place, great after sales service. He'll give you a very specific answer on how to solve your problem, and you won't have to fiddle with disassembling things and not knowing how to put it together, just call and/or e-mail, trust me.

Originally Posted by MuscleWeave View Post
They recommend silicon for the tracks that the clamps travel along and rubbing alcohol for the teeth of the clamps. That's it. They didn't say anything about oil or WD40. Ask Mark what's going on. Tightening the clamp base solved the problem for me.
*silicone. You can find these at bike stores/autostores, (dry) silicone spray is commonly used for bike chains. You can also try white lithium grease, or graphite powder (used to clean guns). These are all going to work better than WD40. WD40 wasn't designed to be used as a lubricant, the WD actually stands for "water dispersant," it also tends to get a lot of grime/crap in it, and gums up.

Edit: I dropped Mark a line for you, he might drop into the thread to help out.
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