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Originally Posted by 0d1n View Post
Not to worry...he has a problem with reading comprehension, have a look here for another example.

Anyway, back to topic...from memory:
- Safin I think used Big Banger Original ... not ALU (as per some video of Nate Ferguson on youtube).
- Monfils full Lux
- Wawrinka full Lux
- Murray - Lux mains/gut crosses
- Simon - Head IntelliTour string
- Ivanisevic used Gut
- the Argentinians (Calleri, Acasuso) using the prestige use variations of Lux (ALU?)
- Haas used full gut, but I think he may be using a gut hybrid more recently.

Can't think of any others ...

Here's the video I was talking about - Nate Ferguson...he has some info on tensions as well. Hope this helps
LMAO with the other thread..."balance it on your finger" LMAO
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