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Originally Posted by Macro80 View Post
Im afraid i need to offload some rackets as they are literally dominating storage space. All rackets are structually sound and can be strung at request.

Donnay Pro One (TW reissue) L3 8/10 -45

Pro Staff Classic L3, Circa 1997 8/10- 45

Prince Graphite Original Mid 2x L3, unsure of age but ive owned them 10years plus, both around 7.5/10

Pure Drive Roddick L4 (older PJ) 3 yo 8/10 55

Pure Drive Swirly (second gen) 8yo L4 55

PS 85 St V L2 100 unsure of exact age, BSQ cap but from the St Vincent era 7/10

PS 85 Taiwan L3 70 unsure of exact age but from Taiwan era SGO cap 7.5/10

PS 85 China L4 55 late era Chinese. 7.5/10

Any questions or if you want pics email macroandrew at hotmail dot com


Could you please email me any pics, relevant info on this racket (highlighted) including a bit more details on condition.


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