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Originally Posted by bluetrain4 View Post
If it's true, 13.5 oz isn't crazy heavy. Yes, it's much more than a lot of players use today, but I still don't find it that unbelievable. Her strokes are extremely compact. She's not taking Soderling or Nadal cuts at the ball. So, she can play with a heavier frame not worrying about being late on a massive swing. And, her game is based on redirecting other player's pace, and a heavy frame is perfect for that.

I read once that Sabatini's Prince OS frame was 14.1 oz. Mandlikova's Ultra 2 was around 13 oz. And, think of all those women with bulky wood frames in the past. If you develop your game with a certain type of frame, you'll get used to it. Date is obviously used to the weight. If you have good technique, a heavy frame is doable. It does a lot of the work for you in a way a light frame can't.
I agree with the benefits of a heavy racquet.

Sampras' PS 6.0 85 was about 14 oz. Most wood racquets back in the day were 13 oz. to 14 oz.

Oh, and Roman Prokes of RPNY once stated that the heaviest racquet of any pro that he strung for, man or woman, was Gabriela Sabatini's.
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