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Originally Posted by mtommer View Post
Go to 3:30 to 4:05. She's not a pusher. Pushers don't go for winners. They rely entirely upon their opponent missing.

Anyway, she has no loop because she needs no loop to mentally help her track the ball and coordinate that physically. I know you may think she's letting her racquet do all the work but take it from someone who uses a 381 gram racquet, she's not.
i disagree respectfully. pushers do go for winners especially the short ball (at least at the professional level). i do see your point though of her not being a pusher. i will concede that. she does however use the weight of the racquet to her advantage which is smart i might add since it works for her. a full loop is not about tracking the ball though. tracking the ball is the duty of the left hand not the racquet. the full loop allows for effortless power as it uses gravity to help generate incredible speed.

oh and i use to play with 385-398g racquets. i used a full loop.
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