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Originally Posted by thebuffman View Post
a full loop is not about tracking the ball though.
Probably not but it is for me. *shrug*

Originally Posted by thebuffman View Post
the full loop allows for effortless power as it uses gravity to help generate incredible speed.
Hmmm, I'm not so sure. More to the point I'm not so sure gravity is a significant factor in achieving swing speed as opposed to someone deciding when to "turn on" their racquet speed as they strike at the ball. By this I mean that watching her hit she obviously isn't lacking any power or racquet head speed and I doubt she'd gain anything more by having a "full" loop or that her mechanics would be changed if she played with a 10 ounce racquet.

From my own experience of just playing around I've found that my shots maintain their speed and spin etc. so long as I have allowed myself enough time to get my "okaaaaayyy aaaannndddd swing NOW" point matched with my timing to ball contact. The additional distance of a loop vs a short (or just let the racquet head drop and settle) take back changed nothing however I feel more comfortable using a loop in my take back which has to do with my timing the ball strike as I want it.

At any rate, I'm just relating my own experiences. Your "mileage" obviously varies.
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