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Default Champions Down Under Equipment

Pics from the Champions Down Under in Australia show Pat Cash with the Bio300, Wayne Ferreira with either the Bio300 or 300Tour pj (took Dunlop all this time to get him to switch pj's. Had the MW200G pj forever). No new pj for Johnny Mac, but it looks like Nike finally got him to wear their actual "McEnroe" line of clothes. I bet they wish they could get him to wear a current pair of sneakers. Looks like Goran has switched to the Radical (I'm sure it's probably a TGK-something). Pat Rafter has his Prince Response (Warrior?) painted up like a Dunlop 500. That's a pretty funny pj. Who are they trying to fool? Haha. Mats Wilander swinging a new Donnay. X-Red? Must not be that crappy if he's still using it (as "reported" via somone who heard someone who heard him say that "this thing hits like crap", concerning the new Donnay, at the U.S. Open). And then Henri Leconte... anyone really care? Haha... just kidding. No offense to Leconte fans. BLX Six.One 95. Oh yeah, Thomas Enqvist looks to be hitting at least the pj of the YT Prestige mid. That's it. Pictures abound on gettyimages.
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