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Default 18g Kevlar

The Gamma Power Play 18g is very low power, and has no stretch, but it does not have a sharp feel to cut through a hybrid cross of synthetic or multi. It is not arm friendly though, and is so low power that is is shocking. I got used to it, and played well with it, but I spent some time trying to get away from it. To me the string is not stiff, it just has no stretch. I string with a drop weight table top stringer, and the arm would drop and just stop dead.... so slow pull to stretch out the string the last pound or two. When you hit with it, there is no string bed compression, at least not strung at normal tensions like it used it. I guess I was just swinging as hard as I could with it. Have gone back and hit with one of the old rackets with it still in it.... and whew..... ball is just dead coming off the racket.
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