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Originally Posted by dedpete View Post
I am looking for a string that has great durability as well as playability but doesn't hurt my arm. The only string that I have used that has ever hurt my arm was red code. I am wondering if 18 gauge kevlar would be good
A full bed of Pro Red Code hurt my elbow till I settled on 53lbs on my AG200 18x20. Now I string all polys in a full bed at 53lbs. I strung a set of Forten Thin Blend 18g kevlar hybrid at 50lbs and it was really stiff. It felt like when I strung Red Code in the low to high 60lbs+. If Red Code hurt your arm so will kevlar. I'm actually waiting till it looses significant amount of tension before I give it a full go. So far it feels like its dropped a good 10lbs just sitting in my bag for over a month but its still stiffer than my cheap full bed Polylon at 53lbs.

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