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I just played the 200 tour this week and its great. It is definitely more head heavy than the blx 95. the serves were very crisp and could really get good pop and power ( something the blx 95 18x20 was missing) I strung this racket with NG 17 on mains with multi on the crosses. the touch game was superb because of the stability that came from the weight and its distribution. the ground game was great with heavy balls, very comparable to the blx 90 to which I hit on occasions. the best part is that the sweet spot is very generous especially with my string set up. I have added about 4in of lead tape at 9-11 and 1-3. I like it a little more top heavy for returning big serves and pounding the ground game. Overall the racket has more control than the blx 95 16x18 and has been working out great this week.
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