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Originally Posted by soyizgood View Post
Oregon survived the trap game 15-13 over Cal. In 2 weeks they face Arizona.

Stanford survives vs Arizona St. 17-13. Pac-10 looking good while the ACC and Big East are downright laughable this year.
Man...That was terrifying to watch today as an Oregon fan. Terrible penalties, mistakes...That fumble in the end zone. Jesus...I feel lucky to get out with a win, but I'm glad that we were able to win a tight game, especially since we held the ball the last 9:30 and dragged the clock out. Oregon is definitely proving that they can win with defense and ball control.

The Pac-10 is looking OK at the top, with 10-0 Oregon, 9-1 Stanford and both UA and USC at 7-3. I wish there were a couple more 6-4 teams, but oh well. Also, congrats to WSU for finally winning a conference game.

The Big East and ACC are AWFUL this season. If this keeps up, they'll have to look at pulling the Automatic status, especially for the Big East, which is horrific and will likely put an unranked team in a BCS game.
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