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Originally Posted by NLBwell View Post
I'm a Mountain West fan, but wasn't a believer in Utah. Beat Pittsburg, who was highly ranked at the time, but hasn't proven to be all that great. Close game against Air Force, who maybe could be ranked around 25 or so at best, so that doesn't prove much more than they should be ranked around 20 (like Oklahoma). Because of the hangover from the TCU game, I wouldn't have been shocked to see them lose to Notre Dame, but I was amazed that they were crushed. They were perhaps the worst team in the country on Saturday.
San Diego State is a very good team - better than Cal or Georgia - and should be ranked in the top 20. TCU should gain respect for beating SD State badly after they were behind by 14."TCU scored touchdowns on five of its next six drives before halftime to build a 34-14 lead. The Aztecs didnít even make a first down in that span."
After the game was decided TCU let down and SD Statae got some back-door scores. San Diego State has lost to TCU (#3), Missouri (#15) by 3 points, and inexplicably BYU by 3.

For those who want the ACC and Big East to lose their automatic bid (and the Big 10 if you look at results rather than the polls isn't any better than the ACC) remember that the BCS is not about rankings, but about money. The ACC, Big East, and Big 10 have large population centers, big schools, and big TV markets. The Mountain West and WAC may have some better football teams, but the other conferences aren't going to cut them in on the money.
The Big East is trying to steal away TCU from the Mountain West so they can mantain a reason to be in the BCS, just as the Pac-10 stole Utah away (and BYU went out on its own for a Notre Dame-like one team TV contract). I can't blame them for leaving, the money is the driving factor.
Good points about $$$. Of course a playoff system is ideal but while we're stuck with the BCS, who gets the ACC/Big East auto bids? The WAC because of one good team (Boise) and a recently good Nevada? Mountain West? Better choice than the WAC but Utah is leaving and TCU won't be there for long. Wyoming/C State/New Mexico/UNLV or the history and big $$ of schools like Syracuse, UConn, Pitt, WVU, UVA, UNC and the rest of the ACC? It's a no-brainer. The ACC is having a bad decade but Miami and FSU won't be down much longer. VA Tech is always in the conversation, UNC is looking much better under Davis (if he survives his scandals), GA Tech and Clemson always put out good teams. It really wasn't all that long ago when UVA was always top 20, even top 10.

And let's not forget that even Boise is 2-4 in their last 6 bowl games with losses to Boston College, East Carolina, Louisville and TCU. If you look at the ACC's losses in BCS games, they primarily come at the expense of the SEC (everyone's best conference in football) and they're pretty much all competetive games. Va Tech is pretty much .500 in their last 10 and last 20 bowl games.
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