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Originally Posted by Kaptain Karl
Maybe I'm not being clear enough.

Since Navratilova still plays singles (barely) she's "current" ... though definitely not "modern". But JHH, Mauresmo and Molik come to mind as not being the baselining automatons for the women.

Federer, Blake, Dent, Henman, Luby, etc. certainly belie your assessment of homogenized baseline games. Compare them to Agassi, Coria, Nalbandian, etc. Those are clearly different playing styles.
I would say they are all essentially playing similar styles with the difference being 1 or 2 handed backhands.
At Wimbledon there are those how do play serve/volley tennis, but much fewer than before. I watched Blake & Dent as well as Rudseski at the HOF tournament in Newport and saw a lot of baseline play from them. So with the exception of grass (about 2 weeks out of the year) everyone spends most of their time at the baseline and noone makes their living at the net.
Of singles players only Greg Rudseski & Tim Henman are most often at the net. Maybe Navratilova but I've only seen her play doubles. If you can site examples of recent tour level singles play than she could be considered current, but I wouldn't count doubles specialists as that is a much different game.
I do see differences in style, just not as much as 15 years ago. And no dedicated Serve/volleyers like before. JHH and Muresmo (never seen Molik) also spend much of their time at the baseline like Federer & Luby, but they are willing to come to the net at times. They'll even throw a serve/vollery at their opponent to keep them off balance.
So to me I see all courters and baseliners, but (with the exception of Henman and Rudsetski) no serve/volleyers. The variation in the game has shrunk. There's variety, but not as much.
Since you probably watch more tennis than I do now (work doesn't let me watch as much as I used to), you probably have a better finger on the pulse of modern tennis. I'll return to my cave.
Originally Posted by Kaptain Karl
That was funny. But actually, isn't that redundant? I think of Counter Punchers as being sharp shooters....- KK
I can agree with that. A counter puncher would look for an opening and take advantage with an angle or harder shot to end a point.
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