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And actually (a few minutes later) I thought about the examples you listed for each one. While examples are generally nice, in this particular situation they may in fact detract from the description. People may get so caught up in discussing whether Sampras was a Serve-and-Volley'er or an All-Courter that it detracts from the description itself. And, people can probably PROVE that in "this" situation he was S&V, and in THAT situation he was AC, etc.

And, while Pushers litter the landscape at the rec level, there are no pro's to provide as an example.

So, I guess my only constructive comment would be to leave the examples out, and let the descriptions stand on their own merit. That would also help keep the piece timeless, forever perfect despite the fact that pro's change tactics, or leave the game and new players take their place.
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