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FiveO and KK, I generally agree with you and I know you guys are
very knowledable and probably better player than me.
But I have to check if you're including
entire career of Sampras. You sounded like you're describing Pete of
his 2nd half of his career. Because my 1st impression of him was a baseliner
I still view Sampras as a baseliner outside of Wimbledon.

I have this taped match of Sampras against Korda in early
90's at Indian Wells. Great baseline match. In that match, commentatiors
mention they think Sampras true color is a baseliner. Their key argument
was what Sampras does at those *pressure* points.

Up until late 90's Sampras would park himself at the baseline at pressure
points and grind it away. There were many S&Ver's in 90's and it was
very effective strategy because he could out-grind away many power
players(except on clay).

Yeah, Federer is such a fabulaous player and truely inspring tennis.
He opened my and lots of people's eyes and let us see some of the hidden
part of tennis game.

But I'm not convinced yet that Federer has the net game.
When Federer career is finalized, maybe we can make clearer arguments.
I know many people are lining up at Federer side but I'm not leaving
Sampras' side yet. O.K. I'll go ahead say it: I still think Federer
is 1 notch below Sampras. History will give us answer. Let's see
how Federer did after 5 years later and tak about it here at TW....
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