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While I can agree with your method for using a starting clamp when stringing the crosses, i"m not too sure about the method you show for starting the mains.

I wouldn't tension the 2nd left/right main before any other main string. I feel that the 1st string to be tensioned should always be 1 of the centre mains. If a stringer strung and tensioned the 1st 2 mains on, say the left, then the net result would be the same as your method but the appliance of stress to the frame would be wrong. As far as I would recommend to anyone, always start from the centre and work outwards.

Also, with regards to removing the starting clamp, when you tension the string that the clamp is attached to, you are effectively tensioning both left mains as the fixed clamp is at the bottom of the rqt or double-pulling 2 strings at once. If you did want to start your rqts using the starting clamp in the position shown on the video, then I would use the fixed clamps in a different manner/order. Having the left fixed clamp holding the tension on the 2LM is ok. When you tension the 1LM I'd use the right fixed clamp which should be able to reach across. Then when you tension 1RM move the right fixed from 1LM to 1RM, and then when the 2RM is tensioned use the same clamp. You can then re-tension 2LM and move the clamp which is at the top of that string to the bottom. This would eliminate the double-pull scenario I have mentioned.

I know we've discussed the method of using the starting clamp inside the frame, and I've managed to find the Babolat video which shows this method - See 12min onwards for further info.

I'm also attending a Babolat Seminar in December where the top guys from Babolat France will be in attendance to run through some stringing/customisation techniques. I may ask them on their current opinion on some of the techniques raised on this forum including on how best to start the mains.


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