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Originally Posted by Irvin View Post
I have to admit my inspiration for this method came from 'drakulie's' method of starting mains. In his method he placed the starting clamp inside the frame against the grommet. I am placing the starting clamp outside the frame against a portion of the grommet that can't move.

I also do not like to use a starting knot to start my crosses so I use the method in the video to start my crosses. That's included in the video. I like to tie off my crosses (top and bottom) after all the crosses are in because the stringbed is stiffer and I think I get less drawback. Enjoy:

I use a similar method... but I put the starting clamp on the 1st left main, pull the 1st right main, then the second right main, then back to the first left main and then the second left main.

Also, because the center mounts don't allow the clamp to be set immediately adjacent to the frame I increase the tension on the mains by about 5 lbs.
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