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Default The three 1913-1923 Majors

Originally Posted by newmark401 View Post
"Here's how Arthur Wallis Myers saw things in his book "Captain Anthony Wilidng", first published in 1916:

"....After his triumphs in 1913 [in this year he won all three world’s championships – on wood, grass and sand courts], when he may be said to have reached the zenith of his lawn tennis career, ..."
I have said a number of times on this forum that we had a different 3 majors between 1913 and 1923 than we do now. Some had disagreed with me. Here is a contemporary affirming that the 3 majors - Wimbledon, WHCC, and WCCC were the 3 majors (not our present 4). Even though the fields at the World Covered Court Championships weren't as deep as they could have been, in a way that is irrelevant - the fact is it was one of the three official majors. For instance Cochets wins in 1922 and 1923 at that event should be regarded as majors and also his 1922 win at the WHCC - bringing him to 11 majors won.
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