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Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post
Stringing: Stringing of the mains is fairly easy. Just make sure to not set the clamps too tightly as the Tornado is highly textured and you can shred the strings fairly easily if you're not careful. This is especially important if you do a full bed. Stringing the NRG is butter, nothing needs to be said there. All Pro knots on racquet. Tension: 57/60

Playability: Great racquet setup here. The NRG provides just enough softness and responsiveness to what is otherwise a pretty dull feeling string. The spin that the Tornado produces is phenomenal as its reviews state. Control is excellent as well, but is more of a function of the spin instead of actual directivity as with a string like Silverstring where you can pinpoint a spot and hit it. Great combination here.

Durability: Played with for 3 hours so far, minimal fraying of the NRG. String movement is decent, but it's a multifilament cross, so the crosses moving really isn't a big concern.

Overall: 8/10
Thanks muchly for this. Eager to hear what you think of this setup beyond 3 hrs.
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