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Originally Posted by mikeler View Post
Great thread. Can you comment on the softness of Laserfibre SNGPS 17?
SNGPS is as soft as VS Touch 16, regardless of what the stupid stiffness ratings say. I'm telling you, it is a cheap natural gut hidden as a multifilament. How Laserfibre did it, I don't know. Oh, and just so that you (the forum, I mean) don't think I'm biased towards them for some reason, I only learned about them a year ago when I joined here asking about the best multi and someone mentioned SNGPS. I scoffed at it being over SEVENTEEN DOLLARS!!! But, I bit the bullet once, and said it was the best string I'd ever used. At that time, I'd never played with natty before. Having now played with numerous natties, SNGPS is superior, IMO, to any budget gut by far, and is a closed-eye substitute for a good quality one.

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pvaudio - can u comment on which cross string lasts the longest and still acceptable in other attributes?
I can do that! I have had years of experience with NRG 1.18. I've been using it since I was, hell, 15 years old maybe? It doesn't last long, but it frays so beautifully :

SNGPS, which I have obviously used in the past, frays slightly then breaks compared to NRG's hairdo-like fraying above. I will update on which breaks first, but at this point, it seems pretty obvious as to which one that will be
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