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Originally Posted by finalfantasy7 View Post
hi pvaudio, just wondering on few strings you could help me with (i use a k factor tour 90, 16x19) in your opinion what tension rating i should try and go for in these strings:

solinco tour bite 16L or 17?
mosquito bite 1.16?
signum pro tornado 1.23
gona use these as full bed, thanks

you asked what other strings you want to test with, heres a few:
isospeed control 1.30
solinco revolution
Polyfibre TCS 1.30
Kirschbaum Pro Line No. II 1.30
Polystar Strike 1.25
Since I don't own that racquet and don't particularly like the feel of Wilson racquets (I've only ever played Dunlop since I was in 5th grade, seriously), I can't actually tell you what tension works best, only that Tour Bite (which I only have in 18 ) works well in the mid-high 50s for me, MB in the same and I like Tornado a bit higher, maybe 57-58. Tornado isn't soft, but it's not supposed to be and I like the extra crispness at a slightly higher tension.

Honestly, string them all at the same tension, and see which one you like best.If you had a Dunlop 100, 200 or 300, then I'd actually give some real advice since I've owned all of those frames

I don't have any of those other ones you listed there aside from pro line 2 and I have it in 1.15 and it is my least favorite poly. It launches balls, feels like pudding and IMO is a disgrace to the Kirschbaum name which I think is second only to Weiss Cannon for overall great string products.
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