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Originally Posted by athiker View Post
I use a Klippermate dropweight that is obviously constant pull and has only flying clamps. I not only release the "trailing clamp" but I only use one clamp period when doing the crosses. I tension the cross by dropping the dropweight bar and then release the flying clamp from the previous cross and then use it to clamp the current cross. Is this not typical?

I figured it helped to take up a bit of the drawback from clamping and by appearances is seems to. I've strung less than a dozen racquets in my life though so am curious.
I also string on a dropweight with flying clamps. When I first started stringing, I only used one clamp on my crosses, and I never had any problems. I also thought it would help even out the tension between all of the crosses.

Then I saw my "local stringer guy" doing rackets at his shop, and he kept both clamps on. I commented to him about it, and he said that if your clamp messes up, you don't want to have to redo the whole thing.

Since then I have used both clamps on the crosses. In reality, I think it makes little difference to the final product, so you, as a stringer, should weight the pros and cons of speed versus safety. (Not personal safety, but the "what if" for the stringjob).
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