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Default pvaudio: request please

PV Audio: Sorry to poach this question here, but I'd like your opinion of what string I should try. I'm 17, ranked in the top 25 in my USTA region, use a Head Youtek Mid+. I've a shot at playing at an okay D1 program...more likely top 10 D3. I like taking big cuts from the baseline.

I like a full bed of poly, especially at the low tensions. My wrist has been bothering me some...technique is sound...not sure if it's just the poly (mostly Cyclone and Spiky Shark, two that I really like in a full bed) or just a hint to lay off for a couple of weeks.

I'm looking for a spin friendly setup that allows me to swing big that won't hurt my arm. I work on weekends at a tennis club and get a discount on string, but budget is still a factor. Haven't tried hybrids because I don't know enough about what to combine without breaking my budget without having to buy reels (I need 21' feet for my mains). Would appreciate as much info as you are willing to provide. Thanks in advance.
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