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Default Machine brand differences

I have a question as to the different brands of stringing machines. I use to use a stringer for about 15 years. He used a Babolat 3 or 4 Star machine. From what I remember seeing a couple of times. I use to just mostly drop them off to him at his home. On occasion I'd be in his stringing room so that's why I can't remember the exact machine. He retired because of early Alzheimers disease. He moved out of the area into a smaller one story house so I really can't call him to ask him what machine he truly had.
Long story but why I ask this is I can't find a stringer that makes my racquet feel like he did after restringing it. I've tried about 5-6 stringers and they all have different machines. Each time I use the same racquets, same strings same tensions and string set ups. Each time the racquet never feels as good as when my old stinger did them. I've wasted so much string and so much money not being happy with the way the racquet feels and plays. Now I've had to start messing around with the tensions to try and get the same feel and playability.
Would the machine he used and the different machine brands others use make that big of a difference?
Thanks for your input.
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