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I'll chime in too. I like my Klippermate. I do wish that it had a ratcheting gripper as I can never seem to find the horizotal settle point right away. It can take a minute to find that point, especially if you have to let some string out as it easily let's too much string go once the jaws ungrip the string. On my racquet there's 18 mains so that adds at least 15-18 minutes just for those mains. Usually though, it's the mains that give me the most: "Too little string. Whoops too much. Man, to little again. Uggg, time to start over." difficulties. I've done almost 20 string jobs and it still takes me 1 1/2 to 2 hr to string (including untangling the string and mounting the racquet). Granted, I've never actually used the Gamma drop weight with the clutch so I don't actually know how much it would speed things up, if at all. Still, I've saved a bundle on stringing fees and for that I'll put up with a lot in general.
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