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Originally Posted by Kaptain Karl
fastdunn - I must not have expressed myself very well. Sorry.

I'm not doing the Sampras / Federer "thing". And that's not what this thread is about.

My point ^^^ was, that I never considered Pete an "all courter." (Yes. He was a baseliner, first. Then he changed to more S&V. But those are only two styles. An "all courter" can play *many* styles well. (Say...) S&V, Baseliner, Counter Puncher, Junk Baller.)

Federer has shown that he is an all court player. Sampras was -- GREAT!, but -- not an all court player. He should not be used as a "model" of what an all courter is.

Was that clearer?

- KK
Sorry I digressed a little bit.

I see what you're points are. But I still differ a little bit.
"All courter", to me, should utilize all part of the court.
Due to current status of pro tennis, Federer dwells much more
at the baseline while Sampras did successfully implemented
net game too.

There are 6 styles as you mention. But you know the baseliner
and S&V(or net player) are the two major styles. I think all
tennis players know how tough to truely implement both.
It would be nice to be able to play other styles *if* you're
done with implementing these 2 important styles.

Federer is a complete player indeed. In fact, Sampras and Federer
are two of the most complete players I've seen.
I understand Federer excites many people. That includes me.
But it's an over-excitements if you say Federer also has a
net game. In fact, I'm not sure if Federer plays as much net game
as Borg did.

Federer is indeed the most complete player among current
generation of players. But it's too early to tell in terms of
whole history of tennis. I personally doubt Federer
will play net game as good as Sampras did.
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