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Thanks for the replies. The trouble I'm having with the racquet when I had it restrung is that it feels "dead". I normally have it strung at 60 lbs. I usually use a full gut string bed or a gut mains/ TiMO crosses. It had it done at several places and it feels dead. So I went with less tension and I was sailing the balls into the back of the other side o the court with no control ( around 55 lbs tension). I went back up to 58 bs and I was sailing the balls long again and the net was a joke also. Sailing them all over the place. I just went back up to 60 lbs last week (from yet another pro shop) and I will play next weekend. I just can't figure out what to do to compensate for the lack of feel with my racquets. I had such great touch and soft hands at the net before and now it feels like I'm hitting with a 2x4.
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