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Originally Posted by LttlElvis View Post
Each time you were changing the tensions, were you using the same person on the same machine to string it, or did you change tensions with a different person and different machine? Keeping with one person and telling him/her what you are experiencing can make a big difference.

Might be a mental thing too. It happens to anyone. I got some prestrung racquets from TW, and mentally I thought they wouldn't be as good as the racquets I strung. I hated them at first. I didn't want to waste it and just cut them out, so I played with them until they broke. As I got used to them, I liked it.

If you feel like you are spending too much money, you may consider stringing on your own.
You know that may help if just the same stringer is doing it. I know they have Master racquet stringers at this place. I figured that would help. I almost feel like sending them to Roman in NYC to see if he can string them correctly AND have power pads.
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