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Hey Dino... I have a favor to ask if you have a chance.

We're having a debate in the stringing machine forum here at TT concerning swingweight. Others have reported that any weight added to a frame, below the pivot point will result in a decrease in SW... which is physically impossible. I'd like to verify it one more time on a different machine to determine if this is an idiosyncrasy of the RDC machine.

My question is this: The next time you have a racquet on the RDC machine, after determining the swingweight, would you attach/add an additional 10-20 grams of weight as close to the butt cap as you can and then re-run the swingweight test? The weight can be taped to the end or added inside the buttcap.

If you can do this,

I'd like to know the following:
  1. Racquet model
  2. Length
  3. Weight
  4. Balance
  5. Swingweight (stock)
  6. Swingweight (with added weight)
  7. Amount of extra weight added to the buttcap
  8. Approximate distance weight is added from the pivot point of the RDC machine (should be 8-9 cm, I believe)

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