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Originally Posted by pstar View Post
I have a gamma ats ert 300 for measuring stringbed stiffness. But even if I string my racquets as high as 27 kg in the mains, the DT still shows 35 kg/cm at the most! Usually I string with Cyber blue mains and Cyber flash crosses.

One time I strung two similar racquets in a row, both at 27 kg mains and 26 kg crosses. But the computer showed DT 35 for the first and DT 32 for the other?

I like to think that I`m pretty consistent in my stringing and are using a Stringway ML100 at the moment. Do you have any idea of what I`m doing wrong?
I'm very disappointed in you Technatic. As the Stringway rep I thought you'd be all over this post like white on rice.

First off Pstar, I have an earlier unit than you, the ERT700, so our results may differ. With a full bed of poly I get plenty good control with a DT of 34. So there's that.

Second. I can get a whole range of readings from the ERT just by shifting it around a little bit. Assuming you are always locating on the same two crosses, how you position it between the mains can and will affect the readings. For instance, if you are able to squeeze the legs of the probe in so that 2LM and 2RM are hugging the legs of the probe, you will get a lower reading. If you shift one leg to the outside of 2LM you can get a different reading and if you shift one leg to the outside of 2RM you may find you get yet another reading. So, the ERT is a useful tool but not without it's limitations and idiosyncrasies. Again, I have an older model so maybe our experiences will be different. That's my take on it though.

Without knowing what racquet it is you are stringing it's hard to know whether you are way off the mark or not but if things are on the low side of normal the usual suspect is slipping clamps. Clean them with alcohol and check for slippage. If the string is not slipping through the clamp and the clamp is not slipping on the glide bar and the tensioner is pulling accurately and you are clamping as close to the frame as you can, all systems are go and you should be fine.
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