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LOL. Ok.

A friend of mine here in KC just came across this thread and then reminded me that I had made it. He mentioned that I was getting flamed pretty hard, so here I am. I just read through it all.

I agree with most everything said. I understand the issue of copyright and all that good stuff. I promise.

I appreciate all the comments, especially those that were constructive. If I'd gotten to this thread much earlier, I would have replied to each one individually. I really do appreciate the feedbackand I regret not checking back to this thread sooner. I apologize for that.

The whole idea of inexpensive racket stringing is based purely on the prices in the area. A large tennis store, which competes directly with Tennis Warehouse, is in the area, the one "way out in Olathe". You're looking at $35 for a polyester string job at this place, $25 for the most inexpensive synthetic gut. Your also often looking at longer turn around time as well as the requirement to pick up and drop off your racket during their business hours and at their location.

A good majority of the stringers at this store are certified, but not all of them do a job which would meet my own standards. It is why I started stringing. You may be certified to weave some strings, but that says nothing of your understanding of racket dynamics and physics which directly relate to one's game, maximizing your potential, and finding a setup which can instill true confidence in your game.Or your understanding of the effects different modifactions and such really have, game related or biomechanically. I don't think my knowledge of the game is less valuable than a certification, quite the contrary, but obviously, it is only the perception of the customer that matters. So.... That's that.

I am also competing with the local clubs, the places getting the majority of the business this winter. However, if you play a club, there are few good reasons to come to me. Money and turn around time will rarely be a consideration.

So, I am less expensive than retailers and clubs. The prices I had listed are obviously expensive so far as individuals go, and I am aware of this. I've charged significantly less in the past and the majority of customers (admittadly, i'm no high-volume super business) have paid me more than I asked for. They've given me what they thought the job was worth, based on their previous experiences elsewhere. This was the basis for my prices. But yeah... I am not inexpensive, not based on those website prices.

With all that said, its not a big deal. I don't need that much money for a string job. I am not doing it to make a living, but I am also not doing it for fun. I am fair and in many cases, I am negotiable. Yeah, weird.

So, if you're in the KC area, I won't charge you what is on the website. If I am available, I'll charge you what you think is fair. I don't need $20 labor. $15 is fair to me, but if you don't think so, I'm still willing to work with you.

I lost interest in this entire thing a little while after working on the website, it is why I have no domain name yet and why there are still copyrighted pictures all over the place (many of them are not copyrighted, btw). My customer base, which dwindles down like you wouldn't believe in the winter, has come solely from word of mouth. That and my involvement on a local tennis website ( ).

The process of trying to build this basic site was a fun process and I've gotten a lot out of it, I've also enjoyed reading all of your comments. I have no intention of getting rid of this website, but it may be a while before I get serious about it again and see if through. I'll obviously get some new pictures, do some redesign, and change the prices. I'll also take into consideration all of the suggestions concerning the "about me" page and the like. Simple is better. I know... The Google generation.

I've gotten distracted by tennis apps (would love to integrate this stringing dealy, tennis equipment, pickup and delivery, etc..., with a phone app) and some small little products I am trying to design. That and food and sleep. The winter here in KC is discouraging... I mostly just eat in place of court-time now.

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