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Default Yonex Poly Tour Pro 125 Review

Yonex Poly Tour Pro 125

Sometimes I try new strings and I just cut them out because they’re not my cup of tea. Other times I just play with them because they don’t bother me. With the Yonex Poly Tour Pro 125 (PTGP125), I had a slightly above-average mild-interest.

One the little graph where the axes determined soft/hard and durability/response, Yonex placed the the string in the hard/durability quadrant. With that being predetermined, I opted to string the PTGP125 at 55 pounds, down from my normal 60 pounds that I use for everything else in my Yonex RDiS 200 (not the lite one). Before we go anything further, I am obligated to disclose that I am under a contract with Yonex -- I buy everything they put out and giggle about it while my wallet quickly empties.

The stringing process for me usual starts with a quick flex of the tangled 40 feet. My sophisticated manual tests indicated that the string was not as firm as I had originally thought, but I still stuck with the 55 pounds. Other strings that seem stiffer include, but are not limited to, 361 Nation, Kirschbaum SuperSmash, Gosen Polylon Ice. Designated “soft polys” on my list are Topspin Concept Pure and Cyber Blue, PolyStar Energy.

Stringing the racquet really was the standard laborious 16 mains, 19 dreadful crosses, which is true for any poly that I have to string. Coil memory was about the same as a Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power. Tying off knots did seem to be a little less easy only because the string would kink on itself. I use the “double loop, pull through technique,” if any of you also refer to it as that.

In one word, performance of the string was “amusing.”

Groundstrokes felt muted with a pop. I can’t tell if the pop came from the lower tension of the string itself. I’m used to the energetic pop from a PolyStar Energy or the controlled pop from a Topspin Concept Pure. The Poly Tour Pro 125 had the power, but lacked a touchy sort of feeling. It had more of the hitting-with-a-board feeling which some people enjoy. I didn’t particularly enjoy nor hate the sensation of the ball flying off the string bed. To each his own.

Volleying is my Achille’s heel. Well, one of my many Achille’s heels. The pop from the string bed did not help my game any. I remember floating a lot of balls long, but, on the positive side, I actually did get a racquet on the ball and got the ball over the net. So no complaining from me. But I can’t add much more to this area.

Serving with the strings seemed pretty bland. Nothing stood out, nothing irked me except my bum shoulder. But that isn’t a string issue.

Having played a week with the string, the tension remains just fine. Nothing feels to be loosening up nor do I have the “dead” feeling as I do around the one-week mark with PolyStar Energy. Perhaps my favorite aspect of the string is the color which Yonex rightfully calls Optic Yellow. Indoors the string is bright and noticeable. But in outdoor lighting, the color pops vibrantly. Stencil on a Yonex logo and I feel like it’s cosmetically delightful.

At $9 a pop, I really can't complain about this string. The performance is nothing to scoff at but also nothing special. Yes, the dullness of the power is something I have not encountered. And, yes, I’m intrigued. I do plan on trying some more out in the future with different hybrid set ups (plan on trying PTGP125 mains with Cyber Blue crosses, Concept Pure Crosses, maybe 361 Nation crosses. Also Cyber Blue, PolyStart Energy mains with PTGP125 crosses).

As TW says after every racquet review, “we recommend you demo this one.”
Yonex EZONE Ai98 w/ PolyTour Pro 120 @ 50lbs
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