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Originally Posted by 1st Seed View Post
I have a few packs in storage im gonna use as a cross with Tonic mains in my Redondo Mid.Like X said 8 bones a pack for sure worth a try Yonex really pumps out quality IMO.On the packing X did you notice they mentioned it was still surpressing to the joints?.How soft did it play?You also mentioned a muted feel did it play like a dampned string bed, ala Rip control?I hoping its plays like a softer Alu P 125.WHat are you stringing on?How stretchy was it during stringing?
Eh thanks for that review now im itchin to test.There must be no mistaken this string when you see it.Really glows.All my Maria lovers will know instantly at my club.AH Maria!
Take Care.
Not that stretchy. Strung on a Game X-6 or something like that (not my stringer) with crank.

Played soft enough for my tastes, probably just slightly more stiff than a nice fresh bed of ALU Power, but not significantly more. I've actually never played ALU Power in my 200, but it was my go-to string in my RQiS 1 Tour. I'd done M2 Pro in the 200 but I don't remember really how that played compared to the PTGP125.

It's by no means a soft poly. But it didn't really feel like a board like some polys can (Kirschbaum, Gosen strings that I mentioned in my review). I don't have tennis elbow right now because of it.
Yonex EZONE Ai98 w/ PolyTour Pro 120 @ 50lbs
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