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Originally Posted by justinmadison View Post
They are Level 3 tournaments taking the place of the Copper Bowl, Dunlop etc. They are held 4 times per year with 8 concurrent tournaments of 32 draws.

Players qualify using their national rankings and can plan at any location.
Agree with those above who say that the USTA Regional Tournament Segments basically replace.... & is another name for last year's Level 3 Tournaments.

I definitely like the idea of the Level 3 (& the level 2) tournaments running concurrently. I also like the more "regional" aspect of it. (but jeez.....who selected the out in the middle of nowhere site of Midland TX.....& two months in a row?? ugh)

I don't think i have a problem with lowering the draw size to 32 for the level 3s....since there will be 8 tournaments running concurrently. 8 X 32 = 256

But i'm thinking that the Level 2 tournaments (with only 4 sites running concurrently) are going to see ALOT of great kids left out now that they've reduced the draw size to 32. Especially kids from the stronger sections who could be better than 1/2 the field (at least the on kids who rack up easy national points in weak sections, or sections with easy point systems in place).

Only 128 total kids will be playing on those Level Two tournament weekends. & these will be huge point gathering tournaments (that those left out won't get squat for national points). We'll see how it shakes out after the first L2 tournaments are played in Feb.
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