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Originally Posted by XFactorer View Post
Not that stretchy. Strung on a Game X-6 or something like that (not my stringer) with crank.

Played soft enough for my tastes, probably just slightly more stiff than a nice fresh bed of ALU Power, but not significantly more. I've actually never played ALU Power in my 200, but it was my go-to string in my RQiS 1 Tour. I'd done M2 Pro in the 200 but I don't remember really how that played compared to the PTGP125.

It's by no means a soft poly. But it didn't really feel like a board like some polys can (Kirschbaum, Gosen strings that I mentioned in my review). I don't have tennis elbow right now because of it.
Thanks for the review. You make the string sound just okay, so I probably won't try it.

You strung it on the Gamma X-ST.
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