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Originally Posted by parasailing View Post
Based on all the great comments about the playability of this particular hybrid setup, I would like to know a good starting tension for the following setups. I usually string my PSTGT at 57lbs for a full multi stringbed and gut stringbed.

VS Gut with Luxilon Alu Power
VS Gut with Prince Recoil
VS Gut with WC Silverstring
Impossible to answer without knowing the gauge of the gut and Silverstring

If VSTeam 17 and Silverstring 1.20:

Vs 17 - Alu: 56 lbs - 54 lbs
Vs 17 - Recoil: 58 lbs - 56 lbs
Vs 17 - Silverstring 1.20: 57 lbs - 55 lbs

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