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Originally Posted by Dino Lagaffe View Post
Fresh off the RDC-machine:

Racquet/Static weight (g/oz)/Flex/Swingweight/Balance cm

Avery M3 Mid+ 387/13.65/72/370/32 (Closest to the Power model, I guess.)
Donnay Diamant I 332/11.71/47/282/31 (NOS, unstrung, grip 4)
Donnay Diamant II 352/12.42/46/298/31 (NOS, unstrung, grip 5)
Donnay Pro Ceramic I 344/12.13/62/287/29.75 (NOS, unstrung, grip 4)
Donnay Pro Ceramic II 336/11.85/61/281/30.5 (NOS, unstrung, grip 5)
Dunlop Max 400I 364/12.84/44/344/31.75
Fischer VT Pro Classic 90 359/12.66/59/310/31
Head Prestige MG Mid 348/12.28/64/330/32
Prince Vortex OS 348/12.28/62/337/32.25
ProKennex Bronze Dominator 356/12.56/66/332/32.25
Rossignol F200 (Red) 346/12.21/38/358/34.75
Rossignol DT 6.40 358/12.63/54/329/31.5
Snauwaert MCE105.64GC 349/12.31/63/313/32
Snauwaert Miami 356/12.56/51/328/32.5
Völkl Quantom 5 266/9.38/67/287/34.75
Yonex RQ-500 304/10.72/60/297/33.25
Hey Dino! Would you be so kind as to post-up some photos of the Snauwaert Miami, Donnay Diamant, Donnay Diamant II, and the Sanuwaert MCE105.64GC.

Thank You in advance.
Djokovic Racquets specs: weight-358g balance-32cm SW-370 Flex 60RA
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