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It's not about how "good" you are it's about what is advertised and what is sold. When you get a 4pts head heavy K6.1 95 or a 370g strung Prestige MP you don't need to be that good to be ****ed off that the specs say "320g unstrung" and you get this crap. It's also unfair when they say someone plays with a Radical for example but his radical is hand-made with top quality control whereas the radical you buy has been made in a Chinese sweatshop factory, and the pro using a Radical would rather use a racquet from a less well known European-based company if he wasn't paid to lie.

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Why hate head because of that? Why waste more money on people who are the targets of the market as opposed to people who are advertising the product. Also it takes so much time do you know how much money they would lose? Besides a handful of the people on the board, no one really is good enough to need complete matched and high grade racquets.
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