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Originally Posted by rufusbgood View Post
Agree. Even on the tour. I strung for a top 100 player who was using the APD. Six racquets varying in weight from 322 to 329 gms and varying in swingweight from 306 to 322.
This is a valid post here.

But are those rackets customised ?
If yes, by who?

In this case, those values are far away... to much difference bettwen them.

But you are right, most ATP players have different specs in theyr rackets, close ones but still different.

I once spoke to Nalbandian at RG, and he told me that he was getting some trouble with some rackets, because they feel somehow different from eachother. At that time he was using just 3 rackets, and other 5 rackets ware not used...

But again, pro's rackets only differ in quality control, and specific points for flex. That is why they feel different.
All materials used are the same.

But someone sell them at higher prices... a fool and his money...

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