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Originally Posted by TheRed View Post
I agree somewhat with you. I've used the PT 280, Original Radical, I radical, iprestige, fxp prestige, prestige classic 660 and the youtek prestige. fxp and on were china racquets. I found their tolerances to be quite good. The PT 280 was ok, but I series were better in QC. the original radical was terrible. the racquet I got was significantly head heavier than specs.
do you mean one racquet? I have owned over 10 Radical Twin Tubes since 1995 and every single one of them felt the same and had the same feel in balance/SW. Trust me, I have a curse (some may not view it this way) that I can feel the slightest difference in a racquet. For example:

A few years back I ordered a matched set of Wilson K90's from TW. They came and just as I tok them out of the box, I immedietly knew these were not matched. I felt a difference. I called them and I had to ship them back. They admitted no one had matched these. If memory serves me, the difference was like a few grams and 1 pt balance..not much at all. But I notice the slightest difference in a racquet, not as much on strings for whatever reason. But the newer frames tolerances are much, much worse than what was made in Austria. Below are the specs (found the email), so again pretty close but no cigar. I felt a major difference. I am cursed!

Racquet with the star:
Static Weight: 12.6 ounces
Balance: 8 points head light
Swing Weight: 337

Racquet w/o the star:
Static Weight: 12.8 ounces
Balance: 9 points head light
Swing Weight: 338
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