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Originally Posted by Sampras Fan View Post
If they are matched in specs, strings, balance and feel different then its all in your head that you can feel the difference. Give me a break.

Do you get your racquets strung by P1 and give them hell because they just dont feel right?
as I stated, I am cursed. Yes I truly feel the differences. I have 2 Wilson K88's I just got a month back and one I bought when they first came out. The matched pair feel exactly alike and the older one is a few grams lighter, but same SW and balance. But all three feel exactly the issue. One of the reasons why I like playing these racquets. You have no idea how difficult it has been the past few years finding 2 or more racquets that feel the same in swing and contact. I never had this issue with my Max 200g's, Ultra 2's, Radical TT's and PS85 St. Vincents. I took a break from tennis (played a lot of golf) in 2000 and slowly got back into it in 2004 and full-time in 2007. Since 2004 I can't count how many racquets I have played. It has to be in the 60-70 range. But yes, I can feel the smallest difference. In fact, I still have the emails to prove it. I had no idea what the specs were because TW did not do the matching. When they got the racquets back, they sent me the specs of the two racquets (as I listed) and I chose the lighter one.

Lastly, feel is a bit different than matching a racquet by specs. Its actually a seperate issue. just because two racquets are matched in specs does not mean they will feel the same (especially today's racquets). this has been noted by many other posters so its not that odd. the thing that is the "curse" for me is I can feel the weight difference to the smallest amount of grams..that is the issue for me more so than feel. You would think more racquets feel the same but have different specs...not true for me anyway.
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