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Originally Posted by adidasman View Post
I'm so glad to see holes being blown into the whole myth of the "customized" racquet making such a huge difference. It's like the guys killing themselves to put the Head Prestige grommets on their Wilson frame or whatever. You can spend your time tinkering all day long with your sticks, guys, but the truth is that even the most discerning player at the highest level probably can't tell the difference between a frame that weighs 320 grams and one that weighs 310. If you think you can, it's probably all in your head. Again, it's fine if you want to have fun customizing your frames, but don't try to convince the rest of us that it really makes a world of difference. Because it doesn't.
I'm sorry, but that is just plain false. I can feel the difference between 2 of my frames which are 4 grams apart blindfolded. They have similar swing weight/balance though ... and as a result I can't be bothered to match them further in mass ... because the results aren't really different and I can switch between them in the middle of a I don't care.
Can't feel 10 grams apart...get outta here.
I'm with you with the general idea that most people would be best served working on their game rather than putting half a gram in their "buttcap" for a more headlight balance which should give them more swing speed, which should give them more spin, which should "make their balls heavier" , which should elevate their NTRP rating from 3.5 to 5.0...but I don't buy the idea that one can't feel a 10 grams difference between otherwise similar racquets.
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