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OK, here is my initial review in the TW format.

Tension it is strung: 60 pounds on a lockout machine full bed
Your regular string set up: Mantis Comfort Synthetic 60 pounds full bed
String pattern of your racquet: 16 x 20
Power (or lack there of): Lowest powered multi I've ever used
Feel: Little feel
Tension maintenance: It seemed to drop after about 2 sets
Overall comments and feedback: See below

General: I could tell on the first few hits last night this string was VERY low powered. Everything I was hitting in the warm up was dropping in the service box. I was also hitting a lot of balls in the net. Basically my stroke had to change and aim higher so I could get the ball in. It really took a lot of effort to hit a deep ball. Normally my complaint with multis is that they are too powerful.

Serve: First serve lacked pop. Second serve lacked spin. I live and die by my serve. Last night was brutal.

Strokes: Many went in the net. To compensate I would swing as hard as I could resulting in balls going long. Not good.

Volleys: After getting beat 1 and 1, we played a practice 3rd set and I came to net a lot to try the string out at net. It's very good for volleys.

Touch shots: Awful. I felt like I had to actually hit a full stroke to get a drop shot over the net.

Softness: The string feels like a stiffer multi like Head RIP Control. It's almost too stiff for my elbow.

Tension: For those that have not strung this up yet, consider dropping it a few pounds below your normal setup. Fortunately the string dropped a little in tension and I won the practice set I played 6-0. Don't think my opponent was all that motivated though.

Durability: I'm definitely seeing some notching in my setup. I hope it breaks soon. Please!

Movement: The strings move around a lot but that does not bother me.

Conclusion: Got a very tough opponent tomorrow, think I'll play with my normal setup to avoid another crushing loss. I'll give this string another shot, but I doubt I would ever purchase this string. Perhaps a lower tension would change my mind but I can't change that now.

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