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I know we didnt want this to morph into a Fed/Samps comparison, but tennis has so rapidly changed that it is even hard to compare the natural playing styles of the two. it's almost as though Fed and Samps were from diff eras even though ther careers kind of overlapped. If Fed saw more percentage in it, I think he would be at net more and play serve and volley more <he's certainly good enough to>, but net styles were easier played even when Samps was playing..even fed is at net less than when he was earlier in his career <thats how rapidly things have changed> . if Samps were playing today, I believe he would also be at net less (unless he was at the point in his career when he had to find ways to end the points quickly). to me, they are both all courters.
Many pro players on tour lack the ablity to change playing styles...Roddick is one of them..all he can do is try and hit it even harder..ditto for the Williamses
Five0 if you are still in here, i just turned on the signature feature and see you play the Laserfibre XL..that one to me, is the sweetest string in the Lasefibre lineup.far better than the Supreme altho not so durable, but perhaps more so in your denser stringbed. It's a really nice string which rarely gets talked about i think.
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