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Originally Posted by tennis_balla View Post
Also, the ones I love a lot are the hitting the ball straight down, getting an awkward bounce and having the player adjust and move their feet up and back, side to side to learn how to get into position. Tough drill, you can see it done starting at 10secs into the video, hitting the ball straight into the court, then bumping up a short one so the player has to move forward, etc. Killer drill, and great on the footwork and strokes. They do it with overheads from the baseline as well you can see.

Just be careful you keep the player in control and they are still within their limit, then slowly over time as they get more comfortable and learn to move better, start increasing the intensity and difficulty of the drills. Last thing you want is them to develop bad habits and have them flailing around like a windmill cause they can't keep up.
Good stuff! Yeah I would like to involve the ball straight down on court at some point too, they look tough.

One of the links that is now down had Luis Mediero feeding from the opposite court side. I think it went something like forehand xcourt hit, backhand xcourt hit, forehand dtl or crosscourt? (can't remember) then two volleys to finish. I think it was a 5 ball drill maybe. I liked the look of that one too.

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