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Originally Posted by Indiana Puffed View Post
Good stuff! Yeah I would like to involve the ball straight down on court at some point too, they look tough.

One of the links that is now down had Luis Mediero feeding from the opposite court side. I think it went something like forehand xcourt hit, backhand xcourt hit, forehand dtl or crosscourt? (can't remember) then two volleys to finish. I think it was a 5 ball drill maybe. I liked the look of that one too.

There are some really good drills in that video Spanish Training Methods from Luis Mediero, the one I posted parts of on Youtube then it got deleted because of a complaint from USPTA
I haven't found that DVD on the USPTA website anymore, maybe its still there but funny enough several people told me they purchased that DVD from USPTA because they saw what I posted. Ah well, anyways hope you got a copy or can still track one down. If you really want to understand the drills and learn how to teach them properly then head over to Barcelona and take the week-long coaching course at Academia Sanchez-Casal with Daniel Sorribas. Best money I've ever spent, however its not a course for someone just getting into coaching (I'm not sure of your background so its just a heads up). Its training methods, philosophies and so on and not how to conduct tennis lessons, etiquette, or that you have to say a persons name at least 6 times during a private lesson in order to pass like with the USPTA exam.
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